Bangkok, Thailand

Location : Samranrat, Bangkok Thailand
Space      : 183 Sq.M
Completion Date : September 2019
Photographer : F Section Studio

Taisoon Bar, the craft beer bar, was inspired from the historical story of this location “Ghost door” or “Pratu-Phee” and the charms of broken and abandoned Chinese drug store which was build more than 100 years ago. We use the idea of “contrast, twist, and heritage in the design of this craft beer bar.

Aiming to keep the charm of heritage building while make somethings new to this area, we maintain the same building structure and façade and juxtapose with the lighting art of red neon light of logo and Chinese lighting installation which make this building outstanding from the others.

The craft beer counter was built in the Chinese drug cabinet pattern which was inspired from the old one of owner’s grandparent. By the way, we twist the idea by adding circle neon lighting at the above of this counter. We also reveal the beautiful texture of broken wall and adding neon light strip to make the 13 beer taps look fascinating.

Making all 3 floors connecting to each other, we remove front zone of second floor, and hanging the Chinese lighting installation from the roof of the third floor to the downstairs.

At the second floor, we design the arch balcony in broken theme showing the steel and construction of the building. Here there is the unique view seeing the broken arch together with the Chinese red lighting installation.