Bangkok, Thailand

Location : 109-110, Earth, 7/1 Ekkamai Rd, Klongtan Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Space      : 240 Sq.M
Completion Date : 11 December 2022
Artist : Ease Studio
Photographer : Jinnawat borihankijanan

Interior design of Akanee was inspired by a pentagon woven fan which was originally made of bamboo. It is widely used with a so-called Tao-Ung-Lo or a traditional Thai stove categorised as charcoal-burning stove. Thai people use this fan to blow the fire or delivery oxygen through a hole at the bottom of the stove while igniting or heating up the flame. Therefore, this kind of charcoal-burning stove is always used for grilled food which is a bespoken dish at Akanee. Of course, we are mentioning Thai Grill.

The most outstanding characteristic of the restaurant is applying woven works for interior design sending the delicacy while the signature dish is still grilled food which was burned with heat from the stove. Even the signature dish is cooked with heat, but the entire atmosphere in the dining area is sleek and clean with soft warm colour of wood convincing you to get lost in the time inside this place. Like we mentioned earlier that woven work was chosen to be the main component for interior design no matter floor pattern, chairs, and lamps. Every single inch in the restaurant was blended with Thai art and architectural works perfectly and exquisitely. For example, Thai style railing newel posts and sofas that was inspired by Thai triangle pillow (Mon Sam Lieung). Apart from woven work that outshine inside the restaurant, the designer has used other minor components share the same vibe. Most wooden parts share the same golden tone. From ceiling to spiral stairs, they even have the same colour of wood and similar pattern. Also, table lamps and utensils even made of brass which gives the same shade of gold similarly to all the woven and wooden works. The whole atmosphere is trying send the welcome message to every visitor that make them want to sit back, have some food and sip some water.

Akanee is the place for either a group of friends, families, or a couple looking for a special meal to celebrate. Furthermore, the interior design has adapted wooden materials as the main component to deliver the ambience of traditional Thai house which originally made of wood wholly. It makes you feel like having a great meal in a Thai village covered under shades from natural lights shining through big windows. When you visit Akanee, you will not only be satisfied by arousing flavourful grilled dishes, but also a memorable experience in this contemporary Thai restaurant.