Bangkok, Thailand

Location :76/8-9 Soi Si Bamphen, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Space      : 111 Sq.M
Completion Date : 01 March 2023
Photographer : jinnawat borihankijanan

When a charm of seashore in France and seafood has emerged through detailing discussion between a chef and a designer, it sparked the inspiration of creating IODE, a seafood restaurant with French cuisine. Located in Soi Si Bamphen, Thung Maha Mek, Bangkok.

IODE means a mineral mostly found in seafood, so the designers picked up the pattern of salt flats in France looking from the top view as the main construction and design concept. Unlike salt flats in Thailand, you will find multi colours of salt flat apart from white like yellow, pink and grey. With this special characteristic, the designers applied yellow zinc, a special method of zinc oxide, as a special effect that creates yellow with a hint of pink and blue mixed together.

When stepping inside the restaurant, you will find an open kitchen located nearby dining areas. To make it more spectacular and eye-catching from the outside, the yellow zinc counter lies at the front facing the entrance. All of the passersby from outside and guests inside the restaurant can see all the movements of chefs and cooking activities like watching an art performance. Every dish is created with full attempt and sincerity. In addition, there is an open-shelf filled with jars of fermented ingredients delivering a message of salt flats respecting this restaurant.

The drinking bar is located at the back of the dining area with the intention not to block the view of the open kitchen. However, traffic flow can still run smoothly even it is at the back.

Talking about the other parts of the design, the designers want to maintain the originality of this old building at the fullest. The wall shows some old surface of the original cement wall. When it mixes with customised neon lights and yellow zinc counter, the designers can lay their hands assuring. All the elements create a perfect atmosphere while the main attraction is still food which is the true intention of the owner from the beginning. Therefore, the designers put more attempts on lighting design, toning light, brightness control and reflecting spots of lights to enhance dining experience.

Regarding to the outside area, the building is locating next to a commuting street. Hence, the designers decided to shrink the building wall away from the street. Even though the indoor was occupied, it allows the outdoor dining area reveal a true atmosphere of French seafood restaurant on the seashore more vividly with a blue canopy all along the sides. And here it is, the outstanding characteristic of IODEBKK.