About us

Taste Space : Adding Taste to the Space and Beyond

Driven by the love of food and professional experiences in design, ‘Taste Space’ Interior Design Consultancy is opened to offer sense and space solutions for restaurants, bars and cafes - Adding taste and employing sensory details to create spaces that enhance dining experiences, spaces that give surprising flavors to everyday life and bring values to everyone.

The heart of our design is how everyone (owners, staffs, end consumers) will benefit from being in Taste Space-created space. We apply our insightful understanding of operational considerations and consumer behavior, knowledge of trends and technology, and creativity into the work. Our design combines ’storytelling’ and ‘senses curating’ to create timeless spaces that people can always connect to and stimulate by through its creativity and functionality from interior design, branding, graphics, props to music.

Believing in the power of collaboration, we work respectively with our partners, artists and artisans to go beyond boundaries, experiment ideas from different artistic fields and culture to meet your needs.

At Taste Space, nothing is more important than being your true partner, a supporter to the design and creative community. We love to advocate your business for long-term success, connect you with local community of artisans, craftsmen, designers and food lovers — to which we are deeply thankful for their resources and inspirations.

“Taste Space”

Adding Taste to the Space and Beyond